About our business

Home Upholstery and Interior Specialist, is managed by a husband and 
wife team, Henry and Ionie Anderson.  Ionie’s role is that of manager of the 
business and director of all interior decorating services that we provide in 
our Rye, New York location.

Customers are encouraged to schedule an in-home free consultation with
Ionie to browse the extensive range of top branded fabrics and trimmings.  
If help is required Ionie Anderson with her 45 plus years of experience in the 
home interiors industry is only too pleased to advise on colors and 

Henry P. Anderson the master upholster reviews the work of his upholstery 
staff before any re-upholstered item leaves the workshop.  The highly skilled 
artisans and Henry work to restore your loved pieces of furniture to its 
original beauty.

About us

Henry and Ionie Anderson were trained in the craft of upholstering and interior 
decoration on the island of Jamaica.  The two worked as masters of their 
respected trades and taught their trade as well as owned their own upholstery 
business prior to emigrating to the United States of America.  After 
immigrating to the United States of America the couple did apprentices with 
American upholsters and decorators from 1970 to 1976 and combined the 
techniques of the two countries into their own unique artistry.  In 1976, Henry 
and Ionie opened Home Upholstery. They have been operating their business 
from their Rye, New York location for 30 years.  Henry P. Anderson owned 
and operated his own upholstering business, and taught upholstering at the 
university in Jamaica prior to emigrating to the United States of America.  The 
Anderson’s have built their business on their family name, Quality 
Craftsmanship, and Customer Satisfaction.  The family has operated based 
on word of mouth and referrals to date.  The new generation of Anderson 
children thought that it would be a good idea to expand the family business 
using the information highway.